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Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Information: All Currencies Defined

Get a bang to your buck in Sign Search with our complete information on Zenless Zone Zero currencies, and what they’re used for.

Zenless Zone Zero is the most recent child on the gacha RPG block, and very similar to previous MiHoYo titles, it has various currencies it is advisable preserve observe of.

Observe our information to know all Zenless Zone Zero currencies, what they do and methods to get them.

Zenless Zone Zero — All Currencies Defined

Zenless Zone Zero has 5 currencies, every with their particular makes use of. These vary from cash you possibly can earn in-game, to particular currencies you need to use to tug on ZZZ’s gacha.

ZZZ Denny — What Is It?

Essentially the most primary foreign money in ZZZ is the Denny, New Eridu’s authorized tender. Dennies are the commonest in-game foreign money that’s used to buy numerous merchandise buffs to your Brokers. They’re additionally the simplest to get.

Denny Sources:

  1. Commissions (Crates, Belongings and so on.).
  2. VR Coaching.
  3. Random Play.
  4. Sign Change.
  5. Fight Simulation – Fundamental Improve Supplies.
  6. Video Retailer.
  7. Bangbuck Change.

ZZZ Gear Coin — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Gear Cash are particular currencies present in Exploration Commissions. These gold cash unlock provide packing containers within the Hole, supplying you with tons of rewards and different currencies.

Gear Coin Sources:

  1. Exploration Commissions (Gear Coin Instances).

ZZZ Monochrome Movie — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Monochrome Movie is a paid foreign money used to purchase Present Field bundles in Zenless Zone Zero’s Bundle Store. These are restricted, and embody level-up supplies to your Brokers, foreign money packs and W-Engine Supplies.

Monochrome Movies will also be transformed into Polychromes.

Monochrome Movie Sources:

  1. Inter-Knot Membership.

ZZZ Polychrome — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Polychromes are top-tier currencies used to replenish Battery Cost, enhance your “New Eridu Metropolis Fund” stage and purchase Grasp Tape/Encrypted Grasp Tape — supplies used to tug for Brokers and W-Engines in ZZZ’s Sign Store gacha.

Polychrome Sources:

  1. Monochrome Movie.
  2. Commissions.
  3. Achievements.

ZZZ Residual Sign — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Lastly, Residual Alerts are particular currencies used to buy Grasp Tapes, Brokers, and W-Engines from the Sign Store. These are obtained whenever you pull S, A and B-tier rewards from the Sign Search.

Residual Sign Sources:

  1. Sign Search.

ZZZ vs Genshin Impression Forex Comparability

ZZZ and Genshin Impression mainly observe the identical foreign money format, so we in contrast every of their currencies and highlighted the variations for all you Genshin followers on the market.

Genshin has been out for longer, so it has extra types of foreign money attributable to its occasions over time. That mentioned, we’re solely evaluating the essential currencies from each MiHoYo titles for ease of studying.

Dennies Are Mora

Each currencies are the commonest and are earned in numerous methods. They’re additionally used to buy meals buffs and quite a few different gadgets in-game.

Monochrome Movies Are Genesis Crystals

Each currencies could be exchanged for premium foreign money on a 1:1 ratio. These are additionally paid currencies which you can get throughout particular circumstances.

Polychromes Are Primogems

The obvious connection to each video games is that utilizing 160 of these things earns you a single pull on the banners. Polychromes and Primogems are additionally broadly obtainable via numerous duties and achievements (although they’re a little bit of a grind to get.)

Residual Alerts Are Masterless Stardust

Each are obtained via pulling on the gacha aspect of issues. Residual Alerts are simpler to get nevertheless since they arrive with three tiers of rewards in contrast to Stardust’s 3-star weapon supply.

Gear Cash Are Distinctive to ZZZ

Lastly, Gear Cash can solely be present in Zenless’ Exploration Commissions. The closest comparability to Genshin currencies could be the oculi you seek for to unlock extra rewards/stamina by way of the Statues of the Seven.

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